Hi. Glad You're Here.

My name is Dr. Deb Durham and I’m a behavioral scientist who studies resilience, cognitive flexibility, and how individuals respond to change and stress.  

I’ve traveled the world to learn everything I can about behavior, working on projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Before earning my PhD at the University of California, I graduated with a degree in biocultural anthropology from the University of Washington.

I’m fueled by hopeful tenacity, a love of nature, and plenty of strong coffee.

A Bit About My Why

My work is inspired by three core values: compassion, justice, and integrity.

I call my approach to consulting smart+heart because it is equal parts innovative science, compassion, and a commitment to helping others learn.  I care what happens to individuals and to the earth, which is itself a fantastically complex, living system and the home that we all share.

Social impact can be advanced on many levels. It might come in the form of an international treaty or a consumer trend. Maybe shifting social norms about our lives. Or even seemingly small acts of kindness to an individual.

Every step depends on behavior, which is why behavior design can help changemakers do even more good work.

Have questions?

Great! There are lots of ways to reach me so please click to get in touch.

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