Smart science. Caring solutions.


You work hard for animals, right? Absolutely. That’s perfect, because you know what I do?

I help dedicated animal charities and caring individuals do even more good work for animals.

When we are out there trying to make a difference for animals, there is no doubt we have to work smart. No one has found a way to create more hours in the day.  Until that happens, we have to do whatever it takes get the most out of our time and resources. Having the right tools can make all the difference. If you work with me, we can build a toolkit that is just right for you and your organization. We will look at the challenges at hand and what you want to achieve – for them. For the animals.

  • I make sure my clients to have strategies and programs based on rock-solid science because I know it’s vital to have a foundation that will support the organization and the animals every step of the way.
  • Donors want to see what kind of impact their grants are making and charities want to inspire current donors to be long-term partners and new donors to join the cause. With the right tools in place, my clients are able to show donors how they are changing the world for animals – and better still – prove how they are getting better and better at doing that.
  • There’s no doubt that my clients are in this for the animals. So of course it’s not just about facts and figures: it’s about them. That’s why we ask, “How are they doing?” and take the answer very seriously. I develop assessment and monitoring tools that give clients the insights they need to provide the very best care possible. Because I know my clients are busy, I focus on systems that are easy-to-use and flexible enough to suit their needs over time.

Here’s what I can bring to the table:

Smart science: I have a PhD in animal behavior and more than a decade of experience leading projects that span animal welfare, wildlife conservation, research, rescue and the human-animal bond. My credentials and expertise ensure that my clients have cutting-edge science on their side.

Caring solutions: Long before I was an animal expert, I was an animal lover.  Always have been.  Always will be.  My compassion for animals runs deep so clients can count on me to develop caring solutions where animals are front and center.

If you want to do even more good work for animals, I want to hear from you.   Let’s do this. For them.